How to create a AllShare DLNA Server for a Samsung Smart TV

If you really want to stream all those torrents you download from the Internet and watch them on your TV set then you’re in the right place.

For this you will need at least a linux machine. A Raspberry PI using using a 4GB SD should be more than enough to have a few episodes. If not you can use any debian/redhat based linux system. Including the one and only Ubuntu.

So let’s start. First of all check that your distro has minidlna. A Raspberry will output the following.

[email protected] ~ $ apt-get update
[email protected] ~ $ apt-cache search minidlna
minidlna - lightweight DLNA/UPnP-AV server targeted at embedded systems

Well if you are lucky to have the following output on your OS then you are in for a treat. Just install it then

[email protected] ~ $ sudo apt-get -y install minidlna

Now you need to check an important detail regarding the placement of your videos. Edit /etc/minidlna.conf (vim /etc/minidlna.conf) and edit the following line to point to the place you want your files in.


And that’s all you need for now. After editing the config file make sure you restart the minidlna server.

[email protected] ~ $ sudo service minidlna force-reload
[ ok ] Restarting DLNA/UPnP-AV media server: minidlna.

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